The Center for Migration Studies of New York (CMS) publishes and produces pioneering, policy-relevant research on international migration, refugee protection and immigrant integration issues.

Among the defining characteristics of its work, CMS:

  • Identifies compelling and emerging issues affecting migrants and refugees;
  • Cultivates and draws on the best scholars in the field;
  • Supports multi-disciplinary, comparative research and scholarship;
  • Develops compelling topics for scholarship from the top down and from the bottom up;
  • Engages non-traditional stakeholders;
  • Produces independent evidence-based reports with concrete recommendations to improve immigration, refugee protection and integration systems, policies and laws; and
  • Convenes diverse advisory groups in order to meet migration-related challenges in a multi-disciplinary and sustained way.

At present, CMS is pursuing three research projects:

  • Democratizing Data
  • The US and Global Refugee Protection System
  • US Catholic Institutions and Immigrant Integration