US Immigration Reform Initiative
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US Immigration Reform Initiative

The US Immigration Reform Initiative seeks to look beyond current immigration debates to offer analysis, ideas and proposals that:

  • Address the range of conditions driving and likely to drive international migration into the foreseeable future;
  • Consider the impact of proposed US immigration and integration policies on immigrants and on receiving and sending communities.
  • Reflect the increasingly inter-dependent and connected global community.
  • Consider US immigration and refugee policies from both a domestic and foreign policy perspective.
  • Offer an historical perspective on current policies as a touchstone for analysis and proposals to create a forward-looking immigration system that serves the nation’s interests.
  • Bring to bear a range of evidence and disciplines to this analysis.
  • Reflect liberal democratic values, including respect for rights and the full participation of all members in society.
  • Benefit from a comparative perspective, lifting up successful policies and thinking from other nations.
  • Address a spectrum of immigration issues, enforcement/control, legal immigration, immigrant integration, refugee protection, family unity, and labor migration.

The papers will be released over the next six months, made available online, and published both in CMS’s public policy journal, the Journal on Migration and Human Security (JMHS) and as shorter CMS Essays.