IMR Spring 2014 Issue Launches Golden Anniversary and Features Special Collection on South-South Migrations

As the Center for Migration Studies celebrates its Golden Anniversary, 2014 also marks the 50th Anniversary of the International Migration Review (IMR).  The just-released Spring 2014 edition launches IMR’s year-long celebration and features a special collection of original articles by emerging scholars on south-south migrations.  Guest editors Philippe De Lombaerde, Fei Guo and Helion Póvoa Neto introduce the accompanying articles, which include:



Everyday Restriction: Central American Women and the State in the Mexico-Guatemala Border City of Tapachula
Lindsey Carte

“Those who come to do harm”: The Framings of Immigration Problems in Costa Rican Immigration Law
Caitlin E. Fouratt

“Big Fish in a Small Pond”: Chinese Migrant Shopkeepers in South Africa
Edwin Lin

Inducing Development: Social Remittances and the Expansion of Oil Palm
Marvin Joseph F. Montegrio, Yasmin Y. Ortiga and Ma. Rose Cristy B. Josol

Social Capital and Livelihoods in Johannesburg: Differential Advantages and Unexpected Outcomes among Foreign-Born Migrants, Internal Migrants, and Long-Term South African Residents
Tyler W. Myroniuk and Jo Vearey


The Spring 2014 edition also features the original articles:

The Great Recession and the Allure of New Immigrant Destinations in the United States
Mark Ellis, Richard Wright and Matthew Townley

Competing for Lebanon’s Diaspora: Transnationalism and Domestic Struggles in a Weak State
Wendy Pearlman

Host National Identification of Immigrants in the Netherlands
Thomas de Vroome, Maykel Verkuyten and Borja Martinovic


Additionally, the issue includes book reviews by Caroline Nagel, Jose Itzigsohn and Katheryn Tomko Dennler.

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Each of the 2014 quarterly issues features the special 50th Anniversary cover.  And stay tuned for details on the forthcoming release of IMR’s Special Golden Anniversary Edition to be announced later this year.