The Center for Migration Studies (CMS) promotes fact- and evidence-based scholarship on migration and public policy analysis through its extensive publications.  Its signature publication is the International Migration Review (IMR), the leading journal in the field of international migration.  CMS has occasionally supplemented its quarterly IMR publications, with special, thematic IMR editions devoted to compelling topics.

CMS has published more than 75 books on a range of migration-related topics, including the intersection of religion and immigration, Italian-American immigrant communities, and immigration in New York City.  Several of these books are now available online for free through Wiley-Blackwell.  CMS will also continue to sell hard copies of the books, which can be purchased by sending a request to

CMS has decided to initiate two new publications devoted to disseminating public policy ideas, the Journal of Migration and Human Security and Policy Notes. The former will be an on-line, peer-reviewed publication which will feature issues, perspectives, and policy ideas that receive insufficient attention in the national and global immigration debate.  The latter will summarize the policy-relevant findings of articles published in the International Migration Review.

CMS regularly posts presentations by participants in its conferences, as well as articles written by staff and the larger CMS community for blogs, magazines, and scholarly journals.  Between 1978 and 2003, CMS published In Defense of the Alien, a collection articles written by the leading experts in the field for its annual legal conference.  Combined, these volumes represent the most thorough treatment of immigration law and policy developments during this 26-year period.  They cover refugee and asylum issues, federal legislation (including the 1986 legalization program), family- and employment-based immigration, public benefit eligibility, post-9/11 immigration developments, and many other issues.  The complete set of In Defense of the Alien can be found in hundreds of libraries, and is now also available online through JSTOR.

Between 1973 and 2003, CMS published a bi-monthly magazine, with occasional special editions, which was titled Migration Today through 1985 and Migration World thereafter.  The magazine consisted of news reports, feature stories, editorials, interviews, and historical pieces.  Its authors represented a “who’s who” of leading government officials, scholars, service providers and advocates. Migration World can be found in on-line libraries through the Gale Group (Cengage Learning) and ProQuest, LLC, as well as in hard copy through CMS’s archives:

CMS also published “occasional papers” between 1972 and 2004 on both substantive immigration policy issues and on the pastoral care of immigrants.  Most of this collection consists of longer scholarly works.  The entire collection is now available online at no cost.