Caribbean Life in New York City: Sociocultural Dimensions

Caribbean Life in New York City: Sociocultural Dimensions

With a focus on sociocultural dimensions of Caribbean life in New York, this book addresses a topic that has been relatively neglected in the many recent (relative to the time of publication) studies of Caribbean immigrants. These studies have been mainly concerned with assessing how well and in what ways Caribbean immigrants are integrating themselves into U.S. society. By contrast, the essays presented here analyze the culture of Caribbeans in New York City and its relation to life on the islands. Moreover, the essays address the experience of both Hispanic Caribbean and Afro-Caribbean groups in order to underwrite a Pan-Caribbean conceptual unity and to invite systematic comparisons of the diversities and commonalities found between and among peoples from the two major Caribbean historical, cultural regions.

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Edited by Constance R. Sutton and Elsa Chaney

Date of Publication 1994 [reprint]. 1987 [original]
Pages 359
ISBN 0-913256-88-9 (HC) 0-913256-92-7 (SC)
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