Pacific Bridges: The New Immigration from Asia and the Pacific Islands

Pacific Bridges: The New Immigration from Asia and the Pacific Islands

This book is designed to fill the gap in comprehensive publications on contemporary immigration flows in the Asian and Pacific region. The four chapters composing Part I, Factors Influencing International Migration Flows, provide a general framework within which subsequent chapters can be better understood. Although much of the material in this section emphasizes Asia, the perspective is global and comparative. Part II, Immigration Trends and Policies, looks at immigrant and refugee flows from the perspective of the four major receiving countries: the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. The next part of the book provides a detailed empirical look at Asian immigrant adaptation, focusing on Asians in the United States. Part IV, Sending Country Perspectives, is designed to add a supply-side view to explanations for the trends and projections in Asian immigration as well as to look at the impacts of emigration on the home countries. In the last part of the book, Research Issues, the first chapter focuses on the perspective of sending countries and the second on the United States as a receiving country, with each chapter deriving conclusions about gaps in knowledge and priorities for future research. The third chapter in this section pulls together a variety of research issues and discusses them in the context of a migration systems approach. As a whole, this book seeks to act as a comprehensive resource on contemporary (at the time of publication) immigration in Asia, which was lacking in publications at the time.

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Edited by James T. Fawcett and Benjamin V. Cariño

Date of Publication 1987
Pages 489
ISBN 0-934733-10-4 (HC) 0-934733-09-0 (SC)
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