Aspiring to Home: South Asians in America

Aspiring to Home: South Asians in America

Ishan Ashutosh, a lecturer at Northumbria University, reviews Aspiring to Home: South Asians in America. The book examines South Asian diasporic communities and cultural formation. The book author argues that South Asian diasporic communities are formed within national multicultural and neoliberal state formation. She shows the process of transnational movements, the impact on conceptions of nation, ethnicity, and immigration in both the US and South Asia.

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Publication Part Of International Migration Review
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Book by Bakirathi Mani, Swarthmore College
Reviewed by Ishan Ashutosh, Northumbria University

Journal International Migration Review
Date of Publication Fall 2013
Pages 779-780
DOI 10.1111/imre.12045
Volume 47
Issue Number 3


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