Debates on US Immigration

Debates on US Immigration

Kristi Andersen, Chapple Family Professor of Citizenship and Democracy at Syracuse University, reviews Debates on US Immigration. The book is arranged into debates (“point/counterpoint” chapters) about current immigration issues and policy, and includes work by various think-tank analysts, policy advocates, and scholars of different disciplines. The debates are split into three sections: political debates; economic, labor and demographic debates; and social and cultural debates.

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Publication Part Of International Migration Review
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Edited by Judith Gans, University of Arizona; Elaine M. Replogle, University of Oregon; and Daniel J. Tichenor, University of Oregon
Reviewed by Kristi Andersen, Syracuse University

Journal International Migration Review
Date of Publication Winter 2014
Pages 1108-1109
DOI 10.1111/imre.12161
Volume 48
Issue Number 4