Elusive Refuge: Chinese Migrants in the Cold War

Elusive Refuge: Chinese Migrants in the Cold War

Meredith Oyen of the University of Maryland reviews Elusive Refuge: Chinese Migrants in the Cold War, by Laura Madokoro. Professor Madokoro recovers the history of China’s twentieth-century refugees. Focusing on humanitarian efforts to find new homes for Chinese displaced by civil strife, she points out a constellation of factors—entrenched bigotry in countries originally settled by white Europeans, the spread of human rights ideals, and the geopolitical pressures of the Cold War—which coalesced to shape domestic and international refugee policies that still hold sway today.

Read the book review at https://doi.org/10.1111/imre.12333 

Publication Part Of International Migration Review
Author Names

Book by Laura Madokoro, McGill University
Reviewed by Meredith Oyen, University of Maryland

Journal International Migration Review
Date of Publication Summer 2017
Pages Pages e27–e28
DOI 10.1111/imre.12333
Volume 51
Issue Number 2


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