Guatemala–US Migration: Transforming Regions

Guatemala–US Migration: Transforming Regions

Jared P. Van Ramshorst of Syracuse University reviews Guatemala–US Migration: Transforming Regions. Integrating diverse theoretical perspectives and rich case studies, this book provides a detailed analysis of Guatemalan migration to the United States over a 40-year period, from the late 1970s to the present. Drawing from the geographic literature on the production of space, it centers on an emerging “migration region” from Central America to the United States, where migrants from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras increasingly take passage through Mexico to reach the United States.

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Book by Susanne Jonas; University of California, Santa Cruz; and Nestor Rodríguez, University of Texas at Austin
Edited by Jared P. Van Ramshorst, Syracuse University

Journal International Migration Review
Date of Publication Spring 2016
Pages e11-e12
DOI 10.1111/imre.12250
Volume 50
Issue Number 1