Mi Padre: Mexican Immigrant Fathers and Their Children’s Education

Mi Padre: Mexican Immigrant Fathers and Their Children’s Education

Adrienne Lee Atterberry of Syracuse University reviews Mi Padre: Mexican Immigrant Fathers and Their Children’s Education by Sarah Gallo. Sarah Gallo examines the promise of parent involvement practices that build upon the range of linguistic and sociocultural resources that [email protected] immigrant students and their families bring to school. Through the experiences of Mexican immigrant fathers and their children, this book illustrates the need for humanizing family engagement. Gallo identifies the many ways these fathers contribute to their children’s education and how educators can communicate more effectively with immigrant families. Mi Padre also shows the consequences of deportation-based immigration policies on elementary school education and offers strategies for supporting students and their families in the classroom. The author stresses the importance of learning from and with families and offers practical suggestions for how to build relationships with all caregivers as a counterpractice to the one-size-fits-all schooling that many teachers, students, and families experience today.

Read the book review at https://doi.org/10.1177/0197918318770159.

Publication Part Of International Migration Review
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Book by Sarah Gallo, Ohio State University
Reviewed by Adrienne Lee Atterberry, Syracuse University

Journal International Migration Review
Date of Publication Spring 2018
Pages 319-320
DOI 10.1177/0197918318770159
Volume 52
Issue Number 1