Multiculturalism in a Global Society

Multiculturalism in a Global Society

Ewald R. Engelen, Professor of Geography at the University of Amsterdam, reviews Multiculturalism in a Global Society, by Peter Kivisto. The book argues that the separation of the concepts ethnicity and nationality lead to a globalized society. It focuses on the multiculturalism of citizenship. Increasing migration and ethno-nationalism have forced nation states to reconsider their definition of nationality and embrace multiculturalism.

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Publication Part Of International Migration Review
Author Names

Book by Peter Kivisto, Augustana College
Reviewed by Ewald R. Engelen, University of Amsterdam

Journal International Migration Review
Date of Publication Summer 2005
Pages 526-527
DOI 10.1111/j.1747-7379.2005.tb00277.xk
Volume 39
Issue Number 2