The International Migration Review Golden Anniversary Edition

The International Migration Review Golden Anniversary Edition

The Center for Migration Studies of New York (CMS) celebrates the 50th Anniversary of its premier publication, the International Migration Review (IMR), with the release of a Special Golden Anniversary Edition, entitled, “International Migration Scholarship in the 21st Century: Advancing the Frontier of Scholarship and Knowledge.”

For 50 years, IMR has led social science research and analysis in the field of international migration, population dynamics, ethnic group relations and refugee movements. The Golden Anniversary Edition, edited by Jørgen Carling (Peace Research Institute Oslo), Jennifer Lee (University of California, Irvine), and Pia Orrenius (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas), features ten original papers by leading scholars that address critical analytic issues in international migration scholarship and research. The papers listed below cover varying topics: population and spatial dynamics; migration decision making; issues of resources, inequality, transnational processes; governance and mediation; and integration, gender and the second generation.

The International Migration Review at 50: Reflecting on Half a Century of International Migration Research and Looking Ahead
Jennifer Lee, Jørgen Carling, and Pia Orrenius

The Cross-country Determinants of Potential and Actual Migration
Frédéric Docquier, Giovanni Peri, and Ilse Ruyssen

Reconsidering Migration and Class
Nicholas Van Hear

Migration Infrastructure
Biao Xiang and Johan Lindquist

New Immigrant Destinations in Global Context
Jamie Winders

Diaspora Institutions and Diaspora Governance
Alan Gamlen

Scripting Remittances: Making Sense of Money Transfers in Transnational Relationships
Jørgen Carling

Comparing Immigrant Integration in North America and Western Europe: How Much Do the Grand Narratives Tell Us?
Richard Alba and Nancy Foner

“Utter Failure” or Unity out of Diversity? Debating and Evaluating Policies of Multiculturalism
Irene Bloemraad and Matthew Wright

The Double Disadvantage Reconsidered: Gender, Immigration, Marital Status, and Global Labor Force Participation in the 21st Century
Katharine M. Donato, Bhumika Piya, and Anna Jacobs

Does Cultural Diversity of Migrant Employees Affect Innovation?
Ceren Ozgen, Cornelius Peters, Annekatrin Niebuhr, Peter Nijkamp, and Jacques Poot

“The Golden Anniversary Edition is ambitious – asking big questions and adopting creative analysis to generate new insights on international migration and movements,” says IMR Editor Ellen Percy Kraly.

The International Migration Review Golden Anniversary Edition is available for free online at through October 2015. Print editions are available upon request by emailing [email protected].



To commemorate the historic milestone of IMR’s 50th Anniversary, CMS also hosted an all-day symposium around the special edition release, entitled, “International Migration Scholarship in the 21st Century: Critical Issues, Critical Questions.” The symposium featured panel presentations by the special edition guest editors and authors; and closed with reflections from past, present and future IMR editors, including: H.E. Archbishop Silvano Tomasi (Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations and Specialised Organizations in Geneva and to the World Trade Organization), Ellen Percy Kraly (Colgate University), Douglas Gurak (Cornell University) and Mark J. Miller (University of Delaware). For more information on the event and to view presentations, video and photos, visit: