The International Migration Review Moving to Online Submissions Process with ScholarOne Manuscripts

The International Migration Review Moving to Online Submissions Process with ScholarOne Manuscripts

As part of our continuing efforts to support both authors and reviewers, we are pleased to announce that the International Migration Review (IMR) has adopted the web-based submission and peer review system, ScholarOne Manuscripts. All new manuscript submissions should now be made at

We trust that this system will be effective and convenient for both authors and reviewers, and will enable IMR editors and staff  to increase the transparency of the process, reduce the time to reach a decision on a manuscript, and facilitate effective communication with both authors and reviewers.

Online manuscript submission is a step-by-step process needing little special preparation other than having all parts of the manuscript in an electronic format and having access to a computer with an Internet connection and a web-browser. To submit a manuscript to IMR, authors should go to where they can upload the manuscript and any other material they would like to communicate to the editor and reviewers. Full help and instructions are provided on-screen. As an author, you will be prompted for author and manuscript details and then directed to upload your manuscript file(s). Your manuscript will have a unique manuscript number and you can check the progress of your manuscript at any time by returning to

In order to ensure that your manuscript conforms to submission guidelines and to journal style, please consult the ‘Submission Guidelines’ page, which can be found on the Center for Migration Studies website at  In addition, please understand that review at IMR is ‘double-blinded’, so that neither authors nor reviewers know each others’ identity. To this end, please do not identify yourself, your colleagues or institution within the submitted files; your details will be provided in the online submission form which will be stored separately from the submitted manuscript.

With this move to online submission, all correspondence will be by email. A completed submission is confirmed by email immediately and your paper will then enter the editorial process. Authors will also be notified by email when a decision is issued.  If a positive decision is made, revisions should also be submitted online, with an opportunity to view and respond to all comments from the editor and reviewers. All email communications will be prepared by the IMR editorial team to continue our commitment for direct and personal communication with authors and reviewers

Manuscript review will also be handled online. Reviewers will be given full instructions and access to the paper at The review form and comments can be completed online and immediately made available to the editor of the journal.

Finally, full support for both authors and reviewers is provided. Each page of the website has a ‘Get Help Now’ icon connecting directly to the online support system at If you do not have Internet access or cannot submit online, please contact the IMR Editorial Office at the Center for Migration Studies by calling (212) 337-3080 or emailing [email protected].

We hope that authors and reviewers will find that the new system makes their lives easier. We look forward to the new system streamlining the review process, leading to rapid decision making, and ensuring that the time from submission to publication is as short as possible.